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Pharmaceutical Distribution

Reactpharma has a strong pharmaceutical distribution supply chain which is based on two crucial rules that our business follows. We always aim to meet our customers’ specific materials requirements and their service expectations. Our pharmaceutical distribution puts a particular importance on accuracy as this is highly valued by our customers. This is why we constantly measure our performance against this parameter together with reliability and responsiveness.

Reactpharma is a division of of ADAllen Pharma Limited, which supports us all the way to warrant a smooth pharmaceutical distribution. Our pharmaceutical distribution is greatly supported by our wholesale and export division team of 9 people. With a particular strong background in pharmaceutical sales, logistics, an array of languages, customer service skills, a proficient supplier account management team and with our expertise in warehouse management, we are perfectly equipped to ensure a fast, accurate and reliable pharmaceutical distribution.

To achieve our objective of 100% accuracy, reliability and responsiveness within our pharmaceutical distribution network, we are not just undertaking constant outcome measurements through customer surveys but more importantly our partners have already adapted just-in-time manufacturing and delivery techniques which we believe will be the key components of future success in pharmaceutical distribution.


Furthermore, we have put in place prevention strategies and always strive to keep up to date with new technologies in order to provide our customers with an outstanding customer supply chain management. This is why Reactpharma is currently also looking into the creation of new pharmaceutical distribution channels through which to market our products to make our service available through even more customers.